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Allan is a graduate of Cornell University's School of Architecture, Art and Planning. His love of photography has grown throughout his architectural career, and he has found, in his work, both as an architect and photographer, that the process of creating a successful architectural design and photographic image requires similar and parallel considerations; that the visual elements of light, color, composition, space, geometry, movement, shadow, among others, are common to each practice. Beyond these similarities, however, architecture as a three dimensional interpretation of a two dimensional program, is in contrast to photography; a two dimensional interpretation of a three dimensional moment. When realized, although, both solutions are intended to create a suggestive and meaningful visual narrative. 

In his photography, and more conceptually, Allan explores the many scales of the unseen, forgotten, and the ordinary; images that demonstrate the rhythm and richness of the human condition; essentially, images naturally afforded anywhere that life happens. As well, whether with commonly considered images of the street, social environments, or the physical representations and remnants of daily life, his images, generally, and many times subconsciously, reflect personal memories, emotional connections, and experiential moments.


Whether bizarre, unique, curious, contemplative or humorous, Allan’s images, in the end, seek to stimulate the imagination, and to invoke the questions, 'What happens next'? or 'What is the story within'? 

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